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Why I chose Virtual Bridges

Posted by jfluhmann on May 26, 2010

Jeremy YAPC::NA 2008

A new set of posting are being featured on the Virtual Bridges Blog, where some of their key people explain why they joined Virtual Bridges.  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the company, as well as their product, and these postings inspired me to play off of that and give a posting about why I chose Virtual Bridges VERDE for our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution.

Let me start with a little background on how I came across VERDE.  I like to dabble in cloud computing and one open source cloud computing product in particular that I’ve worked with has been openNebula.  When combined with Haizea, I can schedule startup and shutdowns of KVM-based virtual machines throughout the day.  My thought was to use remote desktop sessions to connect some of our older PCs to these running VMs.  Simple enough, I just needed to find an easy way to direct each PC to a VM.  So, I started searching for an open source connection broker of sorts.  During my searches, I found a virtual desktop infrastructure product named VERDE.  I started reading through the documentation and getting a feel for how the product worked.  As I learned that it used KVM and would run on a base install of Ubuntu, I started to see where this was going.  Not only will it easily fit into my current infrastructure, but it runs on my favorite operating system, as well!

As we all know, it’s rare that we come across a product that presents itself as a real game changer.  I came across VERDE in September of 2009.  I finally had time to setup a demo install in November and wrote a blog post about my experience (this was VERDE 2.0, I believe).  Since that time, Virtual Bridges has landed venture capital funding and hired an outstanding list of talent (and still hiring).  This thing is taking off like a rocket and continues to impress me.  When you sit down, walk through the install, and see it in action, it’s one of the greatest “Ah ha” moments you’re likely to have with a software product.  Moving from Higher Ed into K-12, I’ve started realizing just how important something like this is for a school district.  We’re opening up new ways to address technology and learning needs for students.  We can now allow students to connect to a lab image from home (or anywhere) and keep them from having to spend money on software that the school has them use (some of which can be very cost-prohibitive).  And it’s all nicely managed from a web-based console that I can access from anywhere, at any time.

I get excited talking to people about it and enjoy sharing our experience.  Not only is VERDE an amazing product, but it’s backed by a group of amazing people.

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  1.   Scott Dowdle Says:

    I’m in the process of getting an eval setup of VERDE 4. I’ve been looking for reviews but I haven’t found many other than your blog postings and the stuff on brianmadden.com.

    I’d really like to ask you some questions. Should I post here or would email be better? My email address is [email protected].


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